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How it Works

Our curriculum broadly follow the English National Curriculum blending it with the competency-based French National Curriculum.

The curriculum comprises of three groups of subjects:

  • Core subjects,
  • Foundation subjects and
  • Specialist subjects.

Core and foundation subjects are taught by a class teacher whereas specialist subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

  1. Core subjects
    • English
    • French
    • Mathematics
    • Sciences
  2. Foundation subjects
    • History
    • Geography
    • Art and Design & Technology
    • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  3. Specialist subjects
    • Music
    • Theatre
    • Physical Education (PE)
    • Modern Foreign Language (i.e. Mandarin Chinese)
Core Subjects      
English French Mathematics Sciences
Foundation Subjects      
History Geography Art & Design ICT
Specialist Subjects      
Music Theatre PE(Sport) MFL(Chinese)
  • Students have 4 lessons of English and French per week.
  • Mathematics will be taught in both languages of 4 lessons each with a total of 8 lessons per week.
  • Students learn foundation subjects - history, geography, art and design, and ICT - 2 lessons per week; one in English and one in French.
  • Music and Theatre are taught by specialist teachers once a week.
  • Bilingual students study two lessons of Mandarin Chinese during the “Language Plus” period every Wednesday afternoon.
  • One entire afternoon in the week will be dedicated to physical education (PE). Sports include games, athletics, and both in-door and out-door activities.