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Kingsworth Bilingual Primary School offers a bilingual education in French and English. All the students take are taught in an even split of 50% English and 50% French. The school caters for children aged between 3 and 11 years, of any nationality, and applies the English and French national programmes tailored to the needs of children in a bilingual and international context.

The pedagogical approach takes into account the specific needs of each child and teaching takes place in both group and individual learning environments. The pupils are active in their own learning, led by an interactive approach from the teachers.

Classes are multi-national and taught in both English and French, with equal weight given to each language. The school is unique in that pupils not only learn a second language but also learn in that language, through full immersion.


  • To develop the ability to think and learn bilingually in French and English.
  • To facilitate mastery of basic skills in reading, writing, mathematical reasoning and calculation, in both languages??
  • To have a comprehensive understanding of the world through studies in History / Geography
  • To foster a positive attitude towards learning.
  • To achieve a balanced progression in all areas of learning.
  • To encourage pupils to take responsibility for their learning and develop good working methods.
  • To prepare pupils for successful integration into Secondary School by working closely with Middle School teachers.
  • To nurture self-confidence, self-discipline, independence, social skills and respect for others.
  • To become familiar with the use of ICT (computers, electronic boards, cameras etc.). 

Language Acqusition

Unlike other schools, Kingsworth Bilingual Primary School, does not ask parents to choose a prefered or first language. Research suggests that if a child is to become truly bilingual then full immersion in both languages is the best possible route to take. We introduce reading and writing in both languages at an early age, with children learning them similtaniously, but with seperate teachers. As far as possible, the English teachers will only ever speak English and the French teachers French, they will use the second language if it help the learning process, but they try to avoid this, to reduce confusiion within the developing brain of the child.

This technique has been proven to work, not only in Kingsworth Bilingual Primary School but in other education settings. We do offer a series of language workshops to help the children gain the basics of the language but once they become proficient in both French and English, we then look at introducing a third and in some cases a fourth language.

We like to involve our parents in the work that we do and encourage them to talk to their children in both languages, or if the parent is not bilingual, to learn alongside their child in the home environment. 

It is only together that we can nurture a true bilingual, talking, reading, writing and thinking child.